What is the trend in health care and nutrition? With the advancement of the internet we can get immediate information and remedies for most of our problems whether it be transfer of information or collection of information. The population has gotten so used to immediate resolution that the effects of long term nutrition changes are less popular. Most people are willing to add herbs, vitamins, protein powders, and other supplements to attempt to resolve health problems, however most of these remedies provide minimal changes at best. The act of “taking”something is easier and more fulfilling than the act of eliminating items from the diet with the promise of immediate gratification too alluring to resist.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes has become more and more prevalent in the United States.
Unfortunately, most remedies that boast quick results are false. Taking Chromium, cinnamon, magnesium or other supplements alone rarely makes a significant improvement in blood sugar levels.

There is something that you can do to improve your diabetic condition. Most people who lose even 5 pounds or 5% of their body weight will see a marked improvement in blood sugar levels. Continued weight loss toward IBW may even result in discontinuing of Insulin to oral hypoglycemic agents, or discontinuing OHAs to dietary control only.

How to lose the weight is another issue. Most diets will work if adhered to. Make sure the diet is nutritionally adequate by searching the Internet for Registered Dietitians reviews that make recommendations for weight loss diets. Even simpler: cut portion sizes. You are sure to hit the 5 pound mark with little effort.

Heart Disease

Trying to improve your cholesterol level? Cutting eggs from your diet may not be the answer. A few simple changes in diet can result in big improvements. Remember, in order to lower cholesterol levels you must not only decrease the amount of cholesterol in your diet, but also the amount of saturated fat.

By decreasing the portion size of any animal protein, you can make a significant cut in dietary cholesterol and saturated fat. When using fat in cooking choose liquid fats as opposed to solid fats. The more solid the fat the more saturated it is. The use of olive oil in cooking (small amount) is preferable to butter, margarine, or shortening. One simple change is to learn to bake or barbeque instead of frying.

Last tip: Don’t be afraid of eggs! Limit the number of eggs you eat each week to 3-4 or use 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg to decrease the number of yolks you consume. Do not completely eliminate whole eggs however. The yolk contains nutrient not available from any other food. They are the perfect food.

You will surely lose weight if you follow these suggestions. And as always, losing even 5 pounds can improve your cholesterol level. Blood levels of cholesterol do not change quickly though, so wait a few months after making dietary changes to recheck your levels.